Redneck Wedding Day

Okay, today I have a real treat for you. I found a video on YouTube today from the photographer who photographed this particular wedding. It's below. Here is her description of the wedding:

"I recently had the opportunity to photograph a very unique wedding in South Louisiana. The groom is an avid Duck-hunter, so he and the bride planned a "Camouflage" Wedding at a Camp off of Lake Fields and Bayou Lafourche.

The groom arrived (along with his Best Man) in his mudboat & they were married on a pontoon boat decorated with palmetto leaves & cat-tails to resemble a duck blind. Atop the boat was a sign stating "Just Married - I'd rather be hunting". The green wedding cake sported ducks and hunters, and decorations included decoys and cat-tails. The entire wedding party (including the bride) dressed in camouflage, and the guests also wore camouflage attire!"

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Anonymous said...

I think that wedding is awsome. I would wear a camo wedding dress.

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